Hormones Happen: Why Women Are More Prone to Cavities

A comprehensive review of dental records in pre-historic and current human populations found that women have more dental issues than men do. This disparity is credited to reproduction and fertility issues linked to female-specific hormones.

Female Sex Hormone  Hormones like estrogen, which is produced by the placenta throughout pregnancy, promotes cavity and dietary changes.
Saliva  Women naturally produce less saliva than men, reducing the removal of food residue from teeth and promoting dry mouth. During pregnancy, the chemical composition of saliva changes, reducing saliva's antimicrobial capacity.
Food cravings during pregnancy  Women often crave high-energy, sweet foods during the third trimester. 

Ultimately, the female physiology combined with dietary changes and fertility explains why women have more cavities than men.
Women can help avoid oral conditions associated with hormonal changes/fluctuations by maintaining a balanced diet and practicing good daily oral care. A good oral care regimen includes brushing twice daily with toothpaste containing fluoride and flossing once a day. In addition, women should have their teeth cleaned professionally at least twice a year by a dentist. 

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