Convert Your Gendex Acucam Concept IV Intra-Oral Cameras to USB, Save Yourself $15,000

Replacing the operatory computers offers many benefits. Unfortunately, there is also the risk of loss of compatibility with older hardware.  Our focus, in this case, are our Gendex Acucam Concept IV intra-oral cameras.  The Gendex Acucam Concept IV cameras utilize a video output with either a composite or S-Video cable (similar to inputs on an old TV).  Getting such an input into the operatory computer requires a video capture card (with composite or S-Video inputs).  The only video capture card officially supported by Gendex is their own Vipersoft PCI video capture card.  

The problems are twofold when attempting to relocate the Gendex Acucam Concept IV intra oral camera systems to new PCs.  The first issue involves driver support for the Vipersoft PCI video capture card.  There are no Windows 7 drivers for the card available for download which I have found.  Although, Windows 7 may possibly autodetect the card and have built in drivers.  The second issue is that manufacturers of pre-built PCs small enough to fit in our cabinets are eliminating full size PCI slots in order to reduce the size of the PCs.  Every "slim PC" we found contained only a couple of half height PCI slots and zero full height PCI slots.  Half height PCI slots, as you may have guessed, allow for PCI cards which are shorter in height, which in turn allows for a reduction in the PC chassis size.  The PC chassis will not be able to close if a full height PCI card is installed in a half height slot.  These two issues essentially means we cannot use the Vipersoft PCI video capture card in our new operatory PCs. 

Our solution involves a conversion, of sorts, of the analog video output from the Acucam cameras to USB for easy input into the operatory PC.  We essentially replaced the Vipersoft PCI video capture card with a USB video capture device.  The USB capture device we used is the Pinnacle DVD Recorder.  This device is essentially a USB dongle with the analog video inputs we need at the tail end.  We were initially concerned that Dexis would not see the Gendex Acucam Concept IV cameras through the Pinnacle DVD recorder USB dongle.  Our fears were unfounded!  Dexis see's the Acucam cameras perfectly. Here is how to set it all up.

Step 1:

Install the drivers. We downloaded the drivers from the Pinnacle Driver Support page. You may choose to install the drivers from the included installation CD. You do not need to install the included software. 

Step 2:

Connect the Pinnacle DVD Recorder USB dongle to an available USB port on your station computer. Windows will detect the hardware.

Step 3: 

Open Dexis and go to the settings box (click on the wrench icon). There are four tabs in the settings box. Go to the last tab titled "DEXimage." For the "Twain-Camera" element select "Dazzle DVC100 Video Device" from the drop down box.

Dexis SettingsClose the settings box. Congratualtions, your ancient Gendex Acucam Concept IV intra-oral camera should now be functioning as intended!