Windows 7 Wreaking Havoc by not Remembering Mapped Drives

The Dexis Integrator loads on startup, allowing the viewing of images and x-rays stored within Dexis automatically in Dentrix without the need to manually open Dexis and select the patient. Once a patient is selected in Dentrix, Dexis will open up as well and display all related images. At least, that is how it is supposed to work. The loading of the Dexis Integrator is dependent on the data drives on the server being mapped to the local computer in the operatory. These mapped drives are supposed to be automatically mapped during startup by Windows by using the "Remember Login Details" checkbox underneath the login credentials when first logging into the drive.

Introducing Windows 7 Professional! We purchased and installed a new computer with Windows 7 professional 32 bit in one of our operatories. We ran through the typical setup.. Map the server data drive, install Dentrix, Dexis, and the Dexis Integrator. No problem right? Wrong. Everytime the computer would boot, Windows 7 would forget the login credentials, not map the data drive, forcing Dexis Integrator to NOT load. Not only would Dexis Integrator not load, Dentrix could not access the data on the server because the drive was not being mapped. This issue seems to be quite common among numerous netizens. Is it a bug in Windows 7? Did Microsoft change the networking settings and none of us know how to configure mapped drives properly? What to do?

Our solution is, hopefully, temporary. However, it does work. At it's most basic core, our solutions involves forcing Windows 7 to map the drive everytime you start the computer up, in combination with delaying the startup of the Dexis Integrator. Delaying the Dexis Integrator startup will give the system time to run the script to force the mapping of the data drive. 

Step 1:

Open a text editor (notepad is fine) and create a new file called "<insert_any_name>.bat" For reference, the file we use is called "reconnect.bat" Yes, we are going old school and using a batch file. I have not used a batch file since my DOS days attempting to free up that extra 128K of ram in my 286 12mhz computer with a whopping 1 mb of ram. Need for Speed doesn't play itself people!

The body of this batch file will contain this single line: net use <drive letter> <data_drive_location> <password> /USER:<local_computer_name>\<login> /persistent:yes

 For reference, our batch file's line is net use y: \\SERVER\DATA <password> /USER:OP2\<login> /persistent:yes 

Save this file and copy it into your startup folder in the Start menu. Step one... COMPLETE!

Step 2:

Download and install Startup Delayer. Once opened, Startup Delayer will show a list of programs which run on startup. Select Dexis Integrator. There will be the delay settings towards the bottom of the Startup Delayer window. Select manual delay and enter the time you wish Dexis Integrator to be delayed by. I chose 30 seconds. While you are here, you may choose to delay other trival programs, such as flash updater, quicktime, etc. Close Startup Delayer and you are good to go!

Reboot the computer and verify Dexis Integrator is loaded on startup. If the Dexis Integrator icon does not show up in the task tray in the lower right of the screen, it has not loaded. If it is there, scream out "HUZZAH!" and fist bump the closest human being.

All of this is, of course, a hacky workaround. If anyone has a true solution to solve the automatic mapping of the network drive problem, please let us know!