YES! Windows 7! Oh no, Windows 7...

We ordered three new computers for the office, two for the operatories and one for the front desk. In order to get with the times, and because new computers no longer come preinstalled with Windows XP, all three new computers have Windows 7 32 bit preinstalled. The computers we ordered are Dell Optiplex 380 Desktops. 

 We specifically ran into three problems:


  1. Windows 7 will NOT remember mapped drives (bug?).
  2. Lack of Windows 7 drivers for the Vipersoft PCI V video capture card used by the Gendex Acucam Concept IV intraoral camera (analog video output).
  3. Windows 7 does not see the Gendex Acucam Concept IV FWT (firewire output).


Over the next few weeks I will be specifically addressing each issue. However, a couple remain unresolved.