Integration of Dexis and a Gendex Orthoralix 9000 DPI

There are apparently two versions of the DexPan integration software to link the Gendex Panograph's to the Dexis imaging software. After purchasing the Dexpan software, we received the linking software for the newer Gendex Panographs, which did not work. Dexis would hang after taking the panograph. An image was stored in the temporary folder (c:\vixtemp). However, the image was not being imported into Dexis.

After numerous hours with tech support, the tech discovered a little known alternate integration software to link the older Gendex Orthoralix 9000 DPI's with Dexis. If you are having this issue, call tech support and ask them to send you the "Gendex-DPI" installation files. This integration software will successfully link the Gendex Orthoralix 9000 DPI with Dexis.

This is the software we are currently running on the Panograph computer (Windows XP):


  • Dentrix G4 Power Pack 8
  • Dexis 8.0.7
  • GxPicture 2.51 (only the older versions of GxPicture will have the drivers for the Orthoralix 9000 DPI)
  • Gendex-DPI integration software