An Introduction...

Hello there, this area of the website is written by myself, Felix Ko, Dr. Xiao's husband.  We purchased this practice in 2009.  The practice was relatively new; a major factor in our decision to purchase the practice.  The office was a digital dental office with all the files being stored in databases on a server.  As such, the facility was fully wired with ethernet cable and each operatory had it's own computer with an intra-oral camera and digital x-ray system.  The system consisted of:


  • Dentrix (patient information)
  • Dentrix Image (X-Ray & intra-oral images, since replaced with Dexis)


  • 2 Gendex Acucam Concept IV PC intra-oral cameras (output video over S-Video or Component)
  • 1 Gendex Acucam Concept IV FW intra-oral camera (output video via firewire)
  • Gendex Orthoralix 9000 DPI Panoramic X-Ray machine
  • Dexis X-Ray sensor (connection via PCMCIA)

While the construction was relatively new, the specialized dental hardware appears to be a generation or two older.  I noticed a dearth of information on the internet focusing on dental hardware installations and have started this tech blog portion of the website to document the issues we have had attempting to incorporate older dental hardware with new software and computers.

I give much thanks to Dana's Mixed Bag Blog, the ONLY source of relevant infomation I have yet to find.